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Powerlet Plug Choices

PPL-001 Powerlet Basic Plug
Basic Plug
PPL-002 Powerlet Deluxe Plug
Powerlet Straight Plug
PPL-003 Powerlet Super Duper Plug
Super Duper Plug
PPL-001   9.95 PPL-002   13.95 PPL-003   16.95
Good for battery chargers, voltmeters - the stuff you use in the garage. NOTE: W...
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Screw terminals for easy wire termination including a cable clamp (strain relief...
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Good for heated vest cords, radar detector cables, GPS units, - the stuff you us...
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PPL-005 Plug To Fit Powerlet And cigarette Sockets
Plug To Fit Powerlet And Cigarette Sockets
PPL-008 Powerlet Low Profile Plug
Powerlet Low Profile Plug
PPL-005   16.95 PPL-008   13.95
Conveniently fits both cigarette & Powerlet socket outlet. Has internal 5A fuse ...
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Screw terminals for easy wire termination includes a mechanical strain relief (w...
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Powerlet Socket Choices

Standard Powerlet Socket
Powerlet Socket - Socket Only
PSO-007 Socket W/Harness Connection
Powerlet Socket - Low Profile Socket Kit
Powerlet Socket Complete PSO-008
Powerlet Socket - Socket Kit
PSO-001   19.95 PSO-007   28.95 PSO-008   24.95
Our most popular socket with spring-loaded hinged lid. Two 1/4" spade connectors...
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Spring-loaded hinged lid. White-T connector uses 1/4" spade connectors on 9.00" ...
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Now a complete socket solution. Includes our most popular socket PSO-001 with r...
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Powerlet Socket Accessories

Powerlet PBR-003 8mm Multi-Fit L-Bracket
8mm Multi-Fit L-Bracket w/ Two Socket Holes
PBR-008-L Moto Guzzi Tonti Powerlet
Moto Guzzi Bracket, Left Side Tonti
PBR-008-R Moto Guzzi Tonti Powerlet
Moto Guzzi Bracket, Right Side Tonti
PBR-003   26.95 PBR-008   28.95 PBR-008   24.95
This bracket fits a wide variety of applications. It has a 8mm clearance mountin...
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Originally developed for older Moto Guzzis, this bracket fits a wide variety of ...
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Originally developed for older Moto Guzzis, this bracket fits a wide variety of ...
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8mm Black Spacer
8mm Black Spacer
PMI-009 Hinged Cover
Hinged Cover (For PSO-001)
PMI-010 Straight Rubber Boot
Straight Rubber Boot
PMI-006   1.95 PMI-009   6.95 PMI-010   6.95
Used on Rearsets to space the second hole equal to the hole with the bracket ins...
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Use this handy replacement cap if you break a old one. Easily changed out. Exact...
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Connection protection for him and her. Oil & weather resistant high-durometer ru...
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PMI-011 Right Angle Rubber Boot
Right Angle Rubber Boot
PMI-012 11/16" Hole Saw (holesaw) Drill
Hole Saw 11/16" Drill (holesaw)
PMI-011   6.95 PMI-012   13.95
Oil & weather resistant high-durometer rubber provides additional protection for...
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Works with all Powerlet sockets and Powerlet socket panel kits. Ideal for cuttin...
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Cigarette Sockets

Panel Mount Cigarette Socket
PROMO: Panel Mount Cigarette Socket
ASO-002   8.95
Marine grade with rubber UV/ weather-resistant tethered lid. Socket mounts throu...
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Fuse Blocks

Termin-8 Simpler Than A Fuseblock
Termin-8 Eight Device Inline Fuseblock
PMI-001 1-Position Weather Proof Fuse-Holder
1-Position Weather Proof Fuse-Holder
PMI-019 Fuse Block Assembly
Fuse Block Assembly - 4 Circuit
PKT-103   39.95 PMI-001   6.95 PMI-019   24.95
Safely add up to 8 electrical devices without terminal stack-up at the battery p...
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Holds 1 ATO fuse, 1 amp to 30 amp....
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Holds 4 ATO fuses, 3 amp to 15 amp. Kit comes complete with PMI-002 Fuse block, ...
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