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I am not sure what to order - can Powerlet help?

Yes we can. Please call us at 586-210-0330, or if you prefer email contact support desk at . Indicate the year, make, model of vehicle and what exactly you look to power. Please be as specific as you can and advise if you plan on adding electrical devices in the future. Provide a phone number in your email if you prefer we call. Please permit at least one business day for your request to be answered.

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Do you provide door prizes to rallies or group events?

We are happy to help the organizers of these events. Please send us a request on the rally or event letterhead and provide contacts so we may get back with you during regular business hours.

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I have a number of friends that would like to purchase multiple items and wonder if you do group buys?

Yes. If you are organizing a group buy, please contact our support desk at and provide a list of items you wish to purchase.

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Do Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructors receive a discounts?

MSF instruction is key to truly enjoying our motorcycle lifestyle. We support all MSF instructors with a discount on our entire line of products. Please order by phone at 586-210-0330.

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I ordered the wrong part - what do I need to do to get the correct part?

No need to worry, proceed with ordering the correct part either online or by phone. Contact our sales department at or call us at number 586-210-0330. Once we receive the returned items, we will post a refund to your charge card or Paypal account.

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I found a defect in your product - how do I get a replacement?

We strive for superior quality standards. In the event you have a defective product, contact our sales department for a replacement at or phone us at number 586-210-0330.

If the product that you received is incorrect, please call 586-210-0330 for an R.A. to return any merchandise. Return shipping of the product is the customers responsibility if ordered incorrectly. Powerlet will pay return if an incorrect part was fulfilled or if there was some damage to the product. Once we receive the returned items we will post a refund for your item via credit card or paypal. Do not return any products without this process. No guarantee for processing.

Size Exchanges:
Please call us if you wish to exchange a jacket liner or glove liner for a different size. The same RMA process must be followed. Product must be in the original packaging and not used. Exchanges can only take place 30 days from original purchase. Any product may not be returned outside of the packaging or in a condition that shows the product has been used in any way. Any questions pertaining to your particular need may be handled by email at or by calling 586-210-0330.

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I plan on traveling in the area - can stop in and pick the item up?

Yes you can. Please contact us if you plan on stopping by to insure we have the items in stock. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 Eastern Time.

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Can you ship my items to where I plan on visiting/riding?

Yes. Frequently we are asked to ship items to a different destination and that is fine. Please advise us before ordering, we often ship the same day the order is placed.

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How soon will my item ship?

Most items ship from stock within 24 hours M-F. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday usually ship on Monday unless other arrangements are made.

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How do I exchange a heated clothing item for the correct size?

Contact our sales department via support email or call us at 586-210-0330 to receive a free postage paid return shipping label. Place the returning garment in the same shipping packaging along with the new size requested and apply the provided mailing label. Place it in the US Mail. Once received, we will ship your new garment in 1-2 business days.

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Can the dual controller be used for a rider and a passenger at the same time?

No. While dual controllers are designed for multiple pieces of heated clothing it is limited to combinations like a heated liner (8 amps) plus heated gloves (2 amps). Since each heated liner draws 8 amps, two liners would draw 16 amps - from the same power outlet and dual controller. 16 amps exceeds the 15 amp outlet maximum limit and the 14 amp dual controller limit.

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Are Powerlet connectors compatible with "BMW-type" and John Deere connectors?

Yes. Powerlet plugs and sockets are also compatible with factory connectors found on Ducati, Triumph, KTM, Indian and Victory motorcylces. Powerlet connectors are also compatible with John Deere connectors. For further information, see the connector glossary.

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Are Powerlet connectors the same as cigarette connectors?

No, however, Powerlet products offer many different styles of adapters to plug a cigarette-type connector into a Powerlet socket. For further information, see the connector glossary.

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What is the polarity of a Powerlet connector?

The center terminal is plus. The outer ring is ground.

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How do I mount a Powerlet Socket in a plastic panel?

The lid of the socket is about the size of a quarter, the panel must be relatively flat. Powerlet sockets require 1.75 inches of clearance behind the panel. This depth can be reduced to 1.45 inches by using one of our spacers. Drill an 18mm hole into the panel and 11/16 inch hole saw saw or Unabit is recommended. Do not use a flat wood drill bit. This will drill an egg shape hole. Hole saws are available at most hardware stores.

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What is the largest fuse I can use?

Even though our harnesses will conduct up to 20 amps safely, a 15 Amp fuse is the highest recommended. Please read the Fuse Sizing Primer to learn why.

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How hard is it to install a Powerlet Kit?

In most cases these kits are very easy to install, no special tools are required. In fact most installations will take less than 20 minutes. All kits come with detailed, easy-to-read instructions. See the Installation Page for PDF format, downloadable instructions.

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I have looked on the Shop By Vehicle page and I do not see a Model Specific Kit for my bike - can I put a Powerlet outlet on my bike?

Yes. There are many ways. First, you can use a MultiFit Kit on almost any bike. Or for a more custom installation, select a location for the socket. Determine if you need a bracket or if you will drill a mounting hole in an existing panel. Next, choose which socket will work best for your application. Finally, select if you would like to build your own harness. Keep in mind, you can always call for assistance.

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How do I crimp the right angle terminals in the RYO wiring kit?

Examine the crimp tool you use for straight terminals. If you do not have a crimp tool for straight terminals you may want to purchase one from the local hardware store; they are relatively inexpensive $10-$15. They come in two flavors - one for insulated and one for non-insulated terminals. We recommend using the non-insulated type crimper on both insulated and non-insulated terminals. The non-insulated type leaves a dent. You can imitate this "dent" for the right angle terminals, using other tools.

Unless you want to spend a ton of dough on a good right angle crimper you will need to be creative with the tools you have. How you will do this depends on your available tools. For instance, a pair of channel lock type pliers with an old ball bearing (or BB from a BB gun) may work just fine. The point is you need to dent the soft metal in the terminal. The inside of the terminal has ridges that will bite to keep the wire from pulling out. Another way is to grind or cut off the end of a pair of straight crimpers. This will enable you to crimp both the straight and right angle terminals with your modified tool. We have done this with great success.

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How may leads can I attach to my battery before considering a fuse block?

After two or three typically a fuseblock is needed. Consider our Termin8 product instead of a fuseblock. It is easier to install.

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I am having a problem with my PPC-015 cable on my Nuvi. It shows it is not charging - what should I do?

Nuvi USB ports do not follow the USB spec. We offer a special adapter that converts a standard mini-USB to a Garmin mini-USB. Also a "corrective series of steps" can easily be made on your Nuvi unit. Call for details.

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How many electrical accessories can my bike operate at once?

This is a tough question to answer without some background information about the particular bike and accessories. Some electronic devices (appliances) draw a small amount of power; others draw a great deal of power. Also some bikes have a fair amount of excess electrical capacity while others do not. For instance, a Gold Wing will be able to operate more electrical accessories than a 600cc sport bike.

However some generalizations can be made, they are listed below.

Due to their low current draw, you will be able to run all of these devices, at the same time, even on a small displacement sport bike:

  • Radar Detector
  • GPS
  • Camcorder
  • Personal Music System
  • Cell Phone
  • Bike-to-Bike Communicators

Due to their relatively high current draw you may have to limit the number of these devices that you run at one time. For further information, see the Heated Cothing Primer and the Excess Electrical Capacity articles:

  • Heated Liners and Vests
  • Heated Grip Wraps
  • Heated Gloves
  • Heated Clothing of any kind
  • Accessory Lights

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I have a great idea for a product - do you take suggestions?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your ideas unless you have a valid patent, copyright or patent pending for the product or idea. While this may be disappointing to hear, the reasoning comes from a well-known business practice. If we are already developing an idea similar to yours, and we are to release this new product, you may assume that Powerlet stole this idea from you even though, in reality, we may already have been working on this idea in-house. Therefore, submission of materials to Powerlet LLC without valid patent rights or copyrights constitutes your dedication of such materials to Powerlet LLC for its use in any manner without compensation to you except as volunteered by Powerlet LLC.

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