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Powerlet Socket - Low Profile Socket Kit

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Spring-loaded hinged lid. White-T connector uses 1/4" spade connectors on 9.00" leads. 18mm brass jam nut mounting. Rated at 15 amps, snap-fit and vibration proof. Requires .6875" (11/16") hole and 1.00" behind the panel. Lid measures 1.075" in diam.


Powerlet Socket Complete PSO-008     


Powerlet Socket Complete PSO-008     


PMI-001 1-Position Weather Proof Fuse-Holder
1-Position Weather Proof Fuse-Holder
PMI-010 Straight Rubber Boot
Straight Rubber Boot
PMI-011 Right Angle Rubber Boot
Right Angle Rubber Boot
PMI-001   6.95 PMI-010   6.95 PMI-011   6.95
Holds 1 ATO fuse, 1 amp to 30 amp....
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Connection protection for him and her. Oil & weather resistant high-durometer ru...
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Oil & weather resistant high-durometer rubber provides additional protection for...
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PMI-012 11/16" Hole Saw (holesaw) Drill
Hole Saw 11/16" Drill (holesaw)
PMI-012   13.95
Works with all Powerlet sockets and Powerlet socket panel kits. Ideal for cuttin...
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1. Female Powerlet 15 A Pinout
  Powerlet Connector Powerlet Socket Pinout
  Powersport Standard Connectors are fully DIN ISO standard compliant. Rated for 15 amps.
2. Female White T Pinout
  Powerlet White T Connector White T Connector Pinout
  Uses 1/4" spade terminals in a "T" configuration. Used by Powrelet and some vehicle manufacturers like Victory, Aprilia and Triumph.

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