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Cables For Powerlet Equipped Vehicles

If your vehicle has a Powerlet socket, it is Powerlet Equipped. Since one Powerlet outlet can do it all, Powerlet Equipped vehicles have the largest variety of cables available. Select from the following direct power cables and adapter cables.

Powerlet Equipped Direct Power Cables

Powerlet manufactures direct power cables for Apple iPod (shown), mini-USB devices, Garmin GPS units, radar detectors and many other appliances. These cables plug directly into your Powerlet socket and directly into your appliance without using an adapter. Just another benefit of being Powerlet Equipped.

To find the correct cable select the appliance from the drop down list below.

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Cobra 2120
Voltage: N/A
Max Watts: N/A
Fuse: N/A

No compatible products. Please contact us to request products for this appliance.

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1. Female Coax 1335 Pinout
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  Used by many radar detectors and some Magellan GPS units these connectors are 1.3mm x 3.5mm.

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Powerlet Equipped Adapter Cables

Powerlet to coax adapter cables for heated clothing are here.

Powerlet to cigarette socket adapter cables are here.

Powerlet to SAE adapter cable for battery charging is here.

Powerlet to SAE adapter cables for heated clothing are here.

Powerlet to SAE power cables for Luggage Electrix are here.

Cables For SAE, Coax and Cigarette Power Outlets

In addition to Powerlet Equipped cables, we also manufacture adapter cables for SAE, coax, and cigarette power outlets. These adapter cables improve the flexibility of the outlets by converting them from one type to another. For instance Powerlet makes Coax to SAE adapters so older heated gloves can be plugged into a newer coax heated jacket liner.

Cables For SAE Power Outlets

Powerlet makes a complete line of SAE adapter cables so you can use your SAE battery harness lead for more than just battery charging. For instance the SAE battery harness lead can be converted to a cigarette socket to charge a cell phone. Our SAE adapter cables are here.

SAE to Coax adapter cables for heated clothing are here.

Cables For Coax Power Outlets

Our Coax cables are mostly used for heated clothing and can be seen here.

Cables For Cigarette Power Outlets

If the vehicle has a cigarette socket and you wish to convert it to a Powerlet socket look here. If you wish to convert to a SAE connector look here. Also see the appliance manufacturer for the correct power cable.

Power Outlet Types

Do you have a Powerlet, Cigarette, Coax, or SAE power outlet on your vehicle? If your vehicle does not have a power outlet, please use our Shop By Vehicle navigator for the outlet that is best for your application.