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Powerlet Low Profile Plug to RJ11 36" Charging Cable

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Works with Escort, Valentine 1, Beltronics RX65 and a number of other compatible radar detectors using a RJ11 jack. 36" coil cable and Powerlet® Right Angle Plug.

Inside Line

Powerlet's PPC-004 line and PPC-021 line of radar detector cables are tough, dependable and built for powersport activity. Glove-friendly design insures ease of connection and use. Small size enables easy storage. These cables work with stock sockets found on BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Victory motorcycles. Offered in a variety of lengths including a direct to battery harness.

Protect Your Escort and Valentine One Investment

Motorcycles create a demanding environment for radar detectors. The connection to the vehicles electrical system needs to be secure yet have the ability to easily disconnect when required. Designed to not vibrate out, Powerlet cables exceed vibration, size, and current (amperage) requirements while promoting effective cable management. Our engineers make sure the connectors are compatible, fuses are sized correctly and that voltage is properly regulated for safe operation. Powerlet's quality power cables are built to last a lifetime and priced to not break your wallet.

Select Your Connector

Escort, Valentine One and some Bel detectors like the Vector 955 use the PPC-004 line (RJ-11) connector while the majority of radar detectors use the PPC-021 line (1.3mm x 3.4mm or 1.3mm x 3.5mm) coax type connector. See our connector glossary.

Variety Makes For A Perfect Fit

Our radar detector cables come in a variety of configurations in order to best suit your needs. Equipped with in-line fuses for protecting your radar detector wiring. The three standard lengths are available:

Dash SC = Short cable - a 12" long version complete with a straight Powerlet PPL-002 plug.
Dash (none) = Standard cable - 36" coiled lead length complete with a Powerlet PPL-004 right angle plug.
Dash DB = Direct Battery 60" long fused direct to battery wiring harness.

There is a Powerlet adapter cable to fit your needs.

Typical Applications

Escort (All Models)
Valentine One
Rocky Mountain
Radio Shack

Designed For A Lifestyle

Powerlet simplifies the purchase and implementation of todays technologically advanced electronics by offering the most complete, expertly engineered, interconnects and appliances. This enables our customers to enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics.

Built For A Lifetime

Powerlet seeks the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of these adapter cables are assembled and tested in the USA by people who like to ride. Quality components and attention to detail ensure Powerlet products resist wear and corrosion to last a lifetime.


PPC-004-SC Escort, Bell RX65, Valentine 1 Short Powerlet Cab     


PPC-004-SC Escort, Bell RX65, Valentine 1 Short Powerlet Cab     

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1. Male Powerlet Low Profile Pinout
  Powerlet Low Profile Connector Powerlet Low Profile Plug Pinout
  Powersport Standard Connectors are available in both a low profile plug and low profile socket.
2. Male RJ-11 Pinout
  RJ-11 Connector missing image
  Found on Escort, Valentine 1 and some Beltronics radar detectors this connector is 0.38" wide.

Data Coming Soon