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When CANbus can't, Powerlet CAN.

Now you can safely power your heated clothing or use your standard battery charger on your 2005 and later CANbus equipped BMW motorcycle using our simple iCAN Harness. Learn more

Find the correct iCAN harness for your 2005 and later BMW motorcycle here.

Why you'll love Powerlet.

Your BMW factory power outlet is fully compatible with Powerlet plugs and sockets. We offer hundreds of products so you can get the most use out of your BMW power outlet. Find right angle plugs, second socket kits and lots of specialized cables.

Make simple connections.

Select from a full line of power cables for Apple iPods, Garmin GPS units, Escort & Valentine Radar Detectors, mini-USB devices and more. Powerlet cables plug directly into your BMW factory power outlet eliminating the need for adapters.

Cell phone home.

Cell phone batteries discharge in rural areas hunting for towers. With seven cigarette adapter cables to choose from it is easy to charge your phone or power a tire inflator. Like most of our products, these cables are proudly made in the USA.

Think green. Save green.™

New batteries not only cost money, old batteries stress the environment. Our quality charging cables allow you to plug any battery charger into your BMW stock outlet. Keeping your battery charged reduces sulfation making it last 6-8 years, saving hundreds of dollars.

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Power Outlet Kits

Anyone for seconds?

Add a second or third power outlet with one of our Powerlet socket kits. These high quality kits are designed with the best materials available and are engineered to save time during installation.

Shown: PKT-042-48 Series 42 Outlet Kit and PPC-020-SC Zumo Cable

Stay Warm While Riding

A heated vest for a new generation of BMW Motorcycles.

Designed to work with your stock power outlet on 2005 and later CANbus equipped BMW motorcycles.
Learn more about CANbus compatible heated clothing.

Watts your EEC?

Discover how many
electrical gadgets your
motorcycle can power.
Learn more about EEC.

Luggage Electrix Solutions

All Luggage. All Bikes. One Kit.

Simple, waterproof and versitile, Luggage Electrix kits can simplify every power need you have.
Learn more about Luggage Electrix.

Battery Charging. Heated Clothing. GPS. Cell Phone Charging. All part of the Powerlet Equipped System.