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Bring Power Into Your Luggage

PTB-001 Powerlet Luggage Electrix SAE
Tankbag or Saddlebag Kit - Connector Only
PTB-004 Luggage Electrix SAE Bulkhead
Tankbag or Saddlebag Kit - Complete
PTB-009 Powerlet Tankbag Outlet Kit
Luggage Electrix Powerlet Outlet Kit
PTB-001   19.95 PTB-004   48.95 PTB-009   45.95
Was $28.95 NOW $19.95! This molded SAE bulkhead mounts conveniently into any tan... Learn More Was $69.95 NOW $48.95! Mounts conveniently into any tankbag or saddlebag. Easy t... Learn More Add a Powerlet outlet to your luggage.... Learn More
PTB-010 Cable Pass-Through Port Tankbag
Luggage Electrix Cable Pass-Through Kit
PTB-010   16.95
Designed to install into a tankbag (hard or soft luggage) permitting audio & pow... Learn More   

Luggage Electrix External Power Cables

PAC-011-06 Powerlet Right Angle Plug To SAE
Powerlet Low Profile Plug To SAE
PAC-022-24 SAE Extension Cable ( 24")
SAE Extension Cables
SAE Battery Lead
SAE Battery Lead
PAC-011   23.95 PAC-022   13.95 PKT-001   16.95
External cable for powering SAE Luggage Electrix Bulkheads. Low profile right a... Learn More Our 18awg pure copper wire minimizes voltage drop & wicks heat from the SAE conn... Learn More Our SAE battery leads can handle 10 amps of current. Other SAE battery leads u... Learn More

Luggage Electrix Internal Power Cables

PAC-023 SAE Y-Cable
SAE Y-Cable to Dual SAE
PAC-024 SAE to Cigarette Socket Cable
SAE To Cigarette Socket Cables
PAC-025 SAE To Powerlet Socket Cable
SAE To Powerlet Socket Cable
PAC-023   14.95 PAC-024   17.95 PAC-025   21.95
Converts one SAE into two SAE's. Great for Luggage Electrix or for powering two ... Learn More Convert a SAE Luggage Electrix lead (Battery Tender harness) to a Cigarette sock... Learn More Convert a SAE Luggage Electrix lead (Battery Tender harness) to a Powerlet socke... Learn More
PAC-026 SAE To Cigarette Socket and SAE Y Cable
SAE Y-Cable to Cigarette Socket and SAE
PAC-027 SAE To Cigarette Socket and Powerlet Socket Y Cable
SAE Y-Cable to Cigarette Socket and Powerlet Socket
PAC-030 SAE To Dual Cigarette Socket Y Cable
SAE Y-Cable To Dual Cigarette Socket
PAC-026   24.95 PAC-027   33.95 PAC-030   26.95
Convert a SAE connector or Battery Tender pigtail into one cigarette socket & ma... Learn More Convert one cigarette socket & one Powerlet (BMW type) socket. Good for cell pho... Learn More Convert one SAE connector to two cigarette sockets. Good for cell phones, radar ... Learn More

Luggage Electrix Basic Kit

Cigarette Socket Battery Lead Power Outlet +12VDC
Cigarette Socket Battery Leads (Standard Duty 10 Amp)
PKT-101   33.95
Quickly install a Cigarette socket on any vehicle. This kit does not require dri... Learn More