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RapidFIRe Heated Glove Liner Kit

rapidFIRe Heated Glove Liner Kit X-Small

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rapidFIRe Heated Glove Liner Kit XX-Large

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With over 14 watts of heat in each glove, cold hands are a thing of the past. Using Far Infrared technology, these ultra thin liners provide pleasing penetrating heat around the fingers as well as over the back of the hand. Must be used with a controller sold separately.

Stay Warm While Riding

Designed for commuting, touring and extending your riding season, Powerlet® heated gloves will provide years of pleasure. Style, comfort, protection, and warmth. Perfect.

Performance Guarantee

Every heated glove goes through our multi-point inspection process before earning the privilege of carrying the Powerlet name. We inspect internal wiring, connectors, bench meter amperage and resistance testing before labeling and packaging our gloves. Details matter; we believe in delivering you the highest quality product for your hard-earned money.

Low Power Alternative

Perfect for all motorcycles, even those without much excess electrical capacity to power appliances. ProForm heated gloves gloves are rated at 24 watts per pair. Stay warm and stay safe while minimizing your electrical consumption.

Heated Glove Features

  1. Simple standard sizing.
  2. Box fingers for added comfort.
  3. Velco cuff eliminates cold air leakage.
  4. Engineered to match the RapidFIRe™ liners with dual controller.
  5. Works with most other heated clothing manufacturers heated jacket liners.
  6. 24 watts per pair.

Ordering Heated Clothing

Three parts are required for heated clothing: the power outlet on the vehicle, the temperature controller and the heated garment. Simply put, the temperature controller and cables connect the garment to the power outlet.

Powerlet offers the widest selection of power outlets, many designed specifically for your vehicle. Our temperature controllers and cabling selection is also the best in the business. Combined, these offerings provide our customers with the ability to make either a quick, inexpensive, universal installation or a fully custom installation designed specifically for their vehicle.

  1. See the size chart for a proper fitting garment.

  2. Heated gloves can be powered from a ProForm(tm) headed liner sleeve connector, from a ProForm heated vest glove connector. If you are powering the gloves from an existing liner or vest, order only the gloves. Steps 3, 4 and 5 are not required.

  3. If you are powering the gloves or on their own (without a heated liner or heated vest) a PAC-040 cable will be needed. Click on the "Accessories" tab to order this heated glove Y cable

  4. Next, select either a Powerlet or coax power outlet. The power outlet attaches to the vehicle and provides the power for the heated clothing garment.

  5. Finally determine which type of temperature controller you prefer. The choices can also be seen in the "Accessories" tab on this page. Select the simple On/Off switch or one of our variable controllers. Many come pre-packaged with the Powerlet or coax cables to plug into the power outlet.

Designed For A Lifestyle

Powerlet offers the most complete, expertly engineered, interconnects and appliances. This enables our customers to enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics.

Built For A Lifetime

Powerlet uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Our heated gloves are developed and tested in the USA by people who like to ride.

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