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Luggage Electrix Connector & 18" Powerlet Power Cable

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Includes everything in PTB-001 plus PAC-009-18. Requires Powerlet® socket kit or factory Powerlet type outlet. Patented.

Power Anything!

Ideal for powering cell phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors and other electrical gadgets. The connector can be installed into tankbags, top cases (tourpacks) or saddlebags. Power can come from an SAE battery lead, a Powerlet® outlet or from a battery charger SAE lead. Patented.

Manage Excess Cords

Built with touring riders and commuters in mind, Powerlet simplifies what to do with excess cords around the handlebars. For example, the excess GPS power cord can stay inside your tankbag while the GPS is mounted to your handlebars. Inside the luggage there is a Powerlet cable to fit your needs. If not just call us toll free and we will custom build your cable; we are the factory.

Quickly Hide Your Electronic Device

The Luggage Electrix™ system is designed to help quickly hide expensive electronics when we step away from our bikes. Since the GPS or Radar Detector is plugged in inside the luggage there is no need to unplug it every time you stop for gas, food or to stretch. Remove the electronics from its mount and place it inside the luggage, there is no need to unplug the gadget every time you stop.

Typical Applications

Cell Phones
GPS Units
Radar Detectors
Tire Inflators
Satellite Radios
Music Systems

Designed For A Lifestyle

Powerlet simplifies the purchase and implementation of todays technologically advanced electronics by offering the most complete, expertly engineered, interconnects and appliances. This enables our customers to enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics.

Built For A Lifetime

Powerlet seeks the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Our Luggage Electrix components are assembled and tested in the USA by people who like to ride. Quality components and attention to detail ensure Powerlet products resist wear and corrosion to last a lifetime.


SAE Battery Lead     


SAE Battery Lead     


SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead
SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead SAE Battery Lead  


PTB-010 Cable Pass-Through Port Tankbag
Luggage Electrix Cable Pass-Through Port
PTB-009 Powerlet Tankbag Outlet Kit
Luggage Electrix Tankbag & Saddlebag Powerlet Socket
PTB-010   16.95 PTB-009   33.95
Designed to install into a tankbag (hard or soft luggage) permitting audio & pow... Learn More Add a Powerlet outlet to your luggage.... Learn More  
1. Female SAE 2-Pin Pinout
  SAE 2-Pin Connector missing image
  Often called "trailer connectors", these are used on Powerlet Luggage Electrix, Battery Tenders, Yuasa battery chargers and some heated clothing.
2. Male Powerlet 15 A Pinout
  Powerlet Connector Powerlet Straight Plug Pinout
  Powersport Standard Connectors are fully DIN ISO standard compliant. Rated for 15 amps.