Individual Powerlet Brackets

8mm Multi-Fit Bracket (Type 3) Rearset Front Facing

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Used on rearsets that bolt on from underneath. Front facing when installed on the left side of the vehicle.


8mm Black Spacer     


Standard Powerlet Socket
Standard Powerlet Socket
PSO-007 Socket W/Harness Connection
Low-Profile Powerlet Socket
Powerlet Socket Complete PSO-008
Powerlet Socket Complete
PSO-001   19.95 PSO-007   28.95 PSO-008   24.95
Our most popular socket with spring-loaded hinged lid. Two 1/4" spade connectors... Learn More Spring-loaded hinged lid. White-T connector uses 1/4" spade connectors on 9.00" ... Learn More Now a complete socket solution. Includes our most popular socket PSO-001 with r... Learn More

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