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4-Position Fuse-Holder

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Holds 4 ATO fuses, 1 amp to 15 amp.

Standard Fuseblock

Designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle this low cost fuse block provides a convenient means for powering GPS units, radar detectors and more. This unit can also receive power from a battery charger to maintain the vehicles battery.

Termin-8: Easier Than A Fuseblock

This low cost solution is less expensive and simpler to install than most fuse blocks including those made by Blue Sea Systems, Centech and others. Installs using ty-wraps; no need for special mounting brackets, special tools or special skills. Everything is included, you do not need extra wire or terminals. Smaller than a conventional fuseblock, Termin-8 fits in tight places.

Typical Applications

GPS Units
Radar Detectors
Satellite Radios
Power Outlets
Auxiliary Lighting
Heated Clothing
Battery Charging (Power-In)

Designed For A Lifestyle

Powerlet® simplifies the purchase and implementation of todays technologically advanced electronics by offering the most complete, expertly engineered, interconnects and appliances. This enables our customers to enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics.

Built For A Lifetime

Powerlet seeks the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Termin-8 kits are assembled and tested in the USA by people who like to ride. Quality components and attention to detail ensure Powerlet products resist wear and corrosion to last a lifetime.


PMI-002 4-Position Fuse-Holder     

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